Headless Content Whitepaper

Explore more of what Headless CMS is,

and if it's right for you.

A headless content management solution is a strategic choice for your company’s content, one that affords your content creators and developers greater power, freedom and agility. This is vital to unlock the opportunities omni- touchpoint personalization and contextualization represent and will be the way the next-generation customer experiences are built.

In today’s marketplace, delivering contextual, relevant and consistent customer experiences has become table stakes if they wish to convert and build lasting engagement with customers. It now goes well beyond the concept of channels and extends across the full spectrum of how customers engage.


There is now a tremendous pressure on the existing platforms and tools that businesses use today, where legacy content management and commerce applications simply were not engineered for this omni-touchpoint world.


In this whitepaper we will explore more of what headless is, if it is right for you now, and considerations to factor into your own plans for content and commerce capability moving forward.


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